Kameel Ahmady - Visual Ethnography
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For me, Image is a direct expression of the world we live in, of what we See and experience as participants in that world. Through my photographs and ethnographic explanations I try to provide viewers, if somewhat indirectly, a glimpse into that reality, but also of the surreal of the everyday that we often overlook as a part of our world. My lens and the ethnographic perspective it conveys attempt to provide eyes to the world as much as tools to describe it – its poetry, sadness, mystery and joy. They do not complete the picture nor provide a complete account of human experience, however, to the extent that this work helps to illustrate those small and often forgotten realities, I will feel these visual representations a success. One caveat: the categorisation of my galleries into continental divides is intended to ease searching for the viewer. However, this is done with the full knowledge that such divisions are largely arbitrary – terms such as ‘the Middle East’ or ‘the West’ are merely constructs – and gloss over a deep cultural and human richness both within and across societies. My belief is that, for all the beauty of this human diversity, there is yet more that unites us all as

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