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I am Kameel Ahmady, originally from Iranian Kurdistan. I am a scholar working in the field of social anthropology researching on the topics of local culture, women & children, and the rights of minorities, with an extensive executive background in the pertaining research fields.

Travelling to Africa, Bosnia, Turkey, Far East, Afghanistan and Iraq, before and after the war in Iran, I became especially interested in daily routines of the locals, their traditions and customs, particularly the harmful ones, and also in war and poverty. My first book is a kind of guideline for travelling to east of Turkey, which has been written with an ethnographic attitude towards 15 provinces inhabited by Kurds of Turkey, published in 2009 in Istanbul. Moreover, I served as a consultant and scientific supporter in Europe, for Ministries of Immigration and Justice in terms of independent cultural, legal and political programs.

I Hold a BA in publishing and economic environment from London University of the Arts (UAL)/ London College of Communication, MA, and in social anthropology and visual ethnography from University of Kent, Canterbury-UK- where my research dealt with media as a source of identity discourse amongst youth. “Media consumption, conformity and resistance: a visual ethnography of youth culture in Mahabad in Iranian Kurdistan 2006” was my thesis topic. I also studied and passed training courses on research methods, policy making and lobbying in the Middle East, and empowerment at Break Back University (BBK), London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), and Netherlands MDF Educational Center, writing papers and published number of books on various topics, including: gender, minorities, honor killing, female genital mutilation (FGM), early child marriage (ECM), temporary marriage and Sigheh Mahramiat, White marriage (cohabitation), homosexuality (LGB), multiculturalism and modernity in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

In recent years, I have conducted several comprehensive and country size studies on the issues of common culture among women and children, gender studies and social vulnerabilities. This way, I have tried to be the voice of social minorities, as the issues are mostly hidden from the public eye worldwide. My research work contains 5 books and 3 short ethnographic documentaries, made in various regions of the Middle East in particular in Iran. Furthermore, I conducted anthropological research on honor killing (both in Europe and Middle East), identity change of Izadies in the last century (Iraq), children, gender, and empowerment in the Middle East. Some of my research works on female genital mutilation (FGM/C), early child marriage (ECM), Temporary marriage (Sigheh Mahramiat), tribalism, and White marriage (cohabitation) have been done in Iran.

Female Genital Mutilation is a comprehensive study conducted all over the country, in which the cultural practice and all the related changes have been analyzed for about 10 yeas in four provinces of Iran. Results of the study have also been published both in Persian and English. The English version of the study has been published by Un Cut Voice in 2015-UK- under the title of “In The Name of Tradition”. Shirazeh publishing house also has published the Persian version of the book in the same year in Teharn-Iran. Furthermore, I made an decoumntry film of FGM fieldwork which was broadcast several times outside Iran.

When working on Female Genital Mutilation, I found out about child marriage in Iran. Thus, I started a two year research in seven provinces of the country. Results of the study have also been published in both Persian and English under the title of “An Echo of Silence”, in 2017 by Nova publishing, USA and Shirazeh publications, Iran. It is worth mentioning that the books were unveiled in Iran National Library, Oxford University and United Nations Office at Geneva.

The research I went through recently, is about Temporary marriage (Sigheh Mahramiat). I got the idea when I was working on child marriage previously. In fact I discovered that a great number of children are married to each other in the framework of Sigheh Mahramiat. The Sigheh, legislation shortages, and some social norms facilitate early marriage accordingly. Therefore, I started researching on the issue and also on the Sigheh practiced for adults, and the pertaining harms especially for women. Result of the study is soon to be published by Shirazeh publications, under the title of “A house on water”.

Presently, I am working on the issue of White marriage which is somehow related to temporary marriage. The study will soon be unveiled in Iran under the title of “A house with open door, A comprehensive study on white marriage in Iran”.

In addition, I have started a new research on identity and ethnicity since the beginning of 2018, which mainly focuses on the understanding of different ethnicity from themselves through which they create the term othering. Being at the stage of filed work currently, it studies five ethnic groups of Kurd, Turk, Baloch, Arab and Fars in Iran.


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