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Kameel Ahmady is British Iranian originally hails from Iranian Kurdistan; he is a cultural anthropologist researcher and write, he has a background in printing and publishing and social empowerment initiatives, and has worked extensively on issues relating to local cultures, minority rights and Middle East affairs. He has travelled widely, most especially taking an interest in the everyday human experience which persists in the face of conflict and poverty - in areas such as Africa, East of Europe, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq both before and after the wars and Iran. His study interests are gender, children and social change in the Middle East. He has worked as an independent consultant in Europe, as well as a Middle Eastern media correspondent, and also provided consultation, cultural and political contexts to international groups.
His more recent work projects include a comprehensive study on "Early Child Marriage In Iran" ECM" which was launched in Tehran's national library and  oxford university and book (in English and Farsi) on  “Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting in Iran,” FGM a research work that was ten years in the making (2015), along with a short anthropological film on the issue of FGM in four provinces of Iran (west Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Hormozgan) the first ever film on FGM in Iran.

Ahmady published a book  "Another look at east and southeast of Turkey" ‘truism with a touch of anthropology which was printed in Istanbul in 2009.’ He has also produced ethnographic research on the changing Yezidi identity in the last century in 2007 and 2009. He has also produced reports on free media in Europe, and the process of democratization in the Middle East.

He studied a post-graduate degree in anthropology and visual ethnography in the University of Kent, Canterbury-UK- where his research dealt with media as a source of identity discourse amongst youth. His research was about ‘’Media consumption, conformity and resistance: a visual ethnography of youth culture in Mahabad in Iranian Kurdistan’’. He has a BA in printing and publishing from London University of the art London (UAL)/ London College of Communication as well as studying Research methodologies in Birkbeck University, and Middle East political studies in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He has published widely on themes of gender, Diaspora, multiculturalism and modernity in the Middle East and other regions. He is working in community development programs and his empowerment research focuses on gender and social issue. In his work, he tries to give voice – reflecting both art and fact - to the people and places he encounters; often obscured from the majority understanding of the world we live in.

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