Conformity and Resistance in Mahabad Media Consumption, Conformity and Resistance: A Visual Ethnography of Youth in Iranian Kurdistan English Publishing: Mehri Publication, London-UK (2020) Farsi Publishing: Mehri Publication, London-UK (2020)  Download PDF in Farsi    Download PDF in English   Download PDF in Kurdish The field research for this book began in May 2006 in West [...]
From Border to Border Comprehensive research study on identity and ethnicity in Iran 2019   Download complete version of the book in Farsi    Download short version of the book in English  Download complete version of the book in Farsi Many scholars expected ethnic tendencies to weaken after the years of World War II, with the [...]
In the Name of Tradition A Comprehensive Research Study on Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (FGM/C) in Iran Farsi Publication: Shirazeh/ 2015 English Publication: Un-Cut/Voices Press, UK 2015    Download PDF in English   Download updated research PDF in English   Download PDF in Farsi  Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a long-standing ritual that continues to be widespread [...]
House with Open Door A Comprehensive Research Study on White Marriage (Cohabitation) in Iran English Publishing: Mehri Publication, London-UK (2019) Persian Publishing: Shirazeh (under print)   Download PDF in Farsi Download PDF version of the complete book Farsi Religious and customary norms define relations between men and women and their relationships in Iran, and the relationship [...]
A house on water A Comprehensive Study Research on Temporary Marriage in Iran Persian: Shirazeh Publication, 2019 English: Mehri Publication, London-UK 2019  Download PDF in Farsi    Download PDF in English There are paradoxical views of temporary marriage in Iranian society. Proponents view temporary marriage as a factor in preventing prostitution and moral decadence in [...]
Forbidden Tale A comprehensive study on lesbian, gay, bisexuals (LGB) in Iran Persian: Mehri Publication, London-UK/2019 English: Mehri Publication, London-UK 2020    Download PDF in English   Download PDF in Farsi Gender is one of the most important aspects of human life. It encompasses sexual identities and roles, sexual orientation, lust, pleasure, intimacy, and reproduction. It can [...]
Another look at east and southeast Turkey Book Languages: English, Turkish and Kurdish (Kurmanji) Publisher: GABB Year: 2009   Download PDF in English This book is a travel guide to eastern Turkey with an ethnographic overview of the fifteen provinces, often published Kurdish region in Turkey in English, Turkish, and Kurdish (Kurmanji) languages in Istanbul. This [...]
An Echo of Silence A Comprehensive Research Study on Early Child Marriage (ECM) in Iran Persian: Shirazeh Publishing/ 2017 English: Nova publishing, USA -2017   Download PDF in Farsi    Download PDF in English Whilst working on the issue of female genital mutilation in Iran, the author of this book, Kameel Ahmady, also brought a focus to the [...]
Childhood Yawn A study on Recognising, Preventing and controlling the phenomenon of Child Scavenging (Waste Picking) in Tehran Publisher: Society for the Protection of Children's Rights (IRSPRC) / Publication: 2019   Download PDF in Farsi  Children are vulnerable minorities who always need care. Their protection from harm and exploitation is a very complex and difficult matter [...]