Films/Visual Interviews

This ethnographic short film made as part of visual ethnography training at Anthropology department of Kent University, it looks at role of minority language media in formation of identity among Kurds in the Diaspora and links to events in their home land.

The IKWRO Award at the University of Law in 2017 was given for research in the field of harmful traditional practices (HTP) with emphasis on the topic Gender and Children. IKWRO, in collaboration with London University of Law, celebrates different fields during their annual ceremony for community activists, researchers and writers. In 2017, alongside winners from other sectors, the Honour Violence Award was presented to Kameel Ahmady for his research in the fields of harmful traditional practices with emphasis on Gender and Children’s rights.

The Global Woman Peace Foundation (P.E.A.C.E) award is presented annually to the world’s top researchers in the fields of education, political science, law, medicine and health, literature and the humanities, the press, and the arts, and it was the award for the Literature and Humanities which was presented me in 2018. This honorary award was presented to Kameel Ahmady in 2018 at a ceremony in George Washington University for a Collection of studies and books.

Interview with Sky News about ethnic divisions and the importance of understanding ethnic and religious sensitivity in the Iraq following the bloody attack on the Yazidi villages of Mosul in Iraq. 2005

One of the first film made on poverty of the border lines of Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan. Large groups and adults and children work illegally as a mountain porters (so called smugglers) endangering their life every day. Great number of them get killed by the border control forces of Iran.

ıÜüAccording to director’s recent research “in the name of tradition” up to date 30% girls are still circumcised in some parts of Iran. This film will explore this phenomenon by directly talking to locals, parents, clergy men, Doctors and people who do this practice for living.