Motion Graphic of Border to Border

Motion Graphic of Border to Border

Above you can view this motion graphic for the book Border to Border.

Research for Border to Border has comprised mainly a study of the elites of these groups, including only a lower percentage of the general populace of the streets and market. It first seeks to answer questions around perceptions of ethnicity in the contexts of Iranian political, economic, and social structure today. What are their views on convergence, political participation, mother tongue, and the centrally focused policies?

Asking such questions can assist government decision-makers and national cohesion to resolve issues peacefully. The research draws on numerous interviews with elites and at the grassroots level, presenting the current demands of each of the ethnic groups studied in a peaceful manner.

The book offers studies of five Turk, Kurdish, Baloch, Arab and Fars (Persian speaking) ethnic groups and awaits publication. A summary and related articles are also available on the website’s articles pages.

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