Age Acts As Determinant Factor in Marriage Success

The Nexus between the Temporary Marriage

Age Acts As Determinant Factor in Marriage Success

Amongst the various dependent variables of marriage analysed by social and economic experts, the age for having the first sexual relationship is considered as an important index for evaluating the quantity of physical and mental health.

To some extent, the age of marriage in each society indicates method of organizing family life and also points to the opportunities for men and women at the time of marriage. Late marriages can trigger serious consequences for youth, such as irresponsibility, tendency towards undesirable or worrying relationships,  waste of youth and vivacity, edginess in life caused by dissatisfaction of personal needs, parental concern of late marriage of children, depression, sexual disorders, taking refuge in drugs, etc. (Pournaghi, 2015). Early child marriage in iran (referred to as ECM) can also cause several disorders. (Ahmady, 2017).  According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a person between the age ranges of birth to 18 is deemed as a child. The United Nations Population Funds as ascertained that any type of marriage under the age of 18, before boys and girls are prepared mentally and physically to accept nuptial and child care duties, as a child marriage. However, in some countries the age varies based on the countries’ legal regulations and social and cultural norms. The most influential factors that are attributed directly or indirectly to ECM, are poverty, low level of education and illiteracy, legal support, social pressures, masculine expectations and the stranglehold influence of tradition and religious beliefs. Early marriage is worrisome for both sexes, but the phenomenon harms girls more than boys. Rise of divorce, child widowhood, rising growth of parentless and badly equipped children who are now parents, sexual abuse of girls, chronic cycle of poverty and prostitution and the rise of mental, physical and sexual illnesses of women are amongst the sad litany of outcomes of early marriage (Ahmady, 2017).

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