Male Circumcision

There is no trace of male or female circumcision/cutting (also known as male or female genital mutilation) in Iran’s historical records and documents, and from the available evidence it is clear that circumcision was not practised in Iran before the advent of Islam.According to hadiths and jurisprudential texts, ‘circumcision’ refers to the removal of all or part of the skin covering the glans. ‎

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FAQ About Male Circumcision

What are the benefits of and reasons for male circumcision? Only 20% of all men in the world are circumcised, most of them Muslims and Jews. Circumcision may be done for various religious, cultural, medical, aesthetic, social and economic reasons, usually upon parental request. However, circumcision has many critics who consider the practice to be a violation of a child’s rights and believe that circumcision is a form of mutilation that, alongside other physical and psychological harms, reduces sexual pleasure.

What are the disadvantages of male circumcision? 80% of the world’s men have never been circumcised. Some opponents believe that penile sensation is almost halved after circumcision. Therefore, although the ‘medical mafia’ still prevents the free flow of information to the general public, the decision should be left to the child when he grows up. Some child-rights activists, based on the independent knowledge of medical science and statements by the World Health Organization, argue that the presence of the foreskin keeps the penis moist, protects the growing penis and enhances sexual pleasure due to the presence of many nerve receptors. Also, the foreskin helps to provide extra skin during erection and prevents the penis from abrasion and scarring during sexual activity. The foreskin of a baby protects the penis from ammonia and faeces in the diaper.

Does circumcision reduce libido? There are contradictory pieces of evidence and opinions on the effect of circumcision on sexual activity. Some opponents believe that, after circumcision, the sensation of the penis is reduced by almost half. Some studies have concluded that uncircumcised people have better sexual experiences than circumcised people, the definitive point being that the foreskin has more sensitivity points for sexual stimulation – therefore, after circumcision, the sensitivity of the male penis to stimulation decreases. The foreskin is more pleasurable for both men and women during sexual activity, according to additional evidence.

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