Avaye Buf: English version of “Blade of Tradition in the Name of Religion” Published

آوای بوف

This book is a thorough examination of male circumcision / male genital mutilation or cutting (MGM/C) in Iran, an ancient and ‎religious practice that has expanded beyond religious boundaries into some other ‎societies. The book investigates into the meaning and concept of circumcision, its ‎historical roots and geographical extent, religious and scientific approaches to the ‎practice, the reasons for its continuation, and the experiences of participants in the ‎research areas.
The study is structured into eight chapters based on the general ‎principles of scientific research and Grounded Theory methodology. It also ‎discusses the global prevalence of circumcision and the opposition it faces, with ‎arguments centred around the violation of children’s rights, adverse psychological ‎effects, and multiple medical consequences. The book provides readers with a ‎deeper understanding of the phenomenon of circumcision whiten Islamic society and offers valuable ‎insights into developing effective programs and policies to mitigate its negative ‎consequences in society.‎
This book is published by Avaye Buf publishing, Denmark on 26th of August 2023 and available in all major platforms such as Google play, Google books, Amazon and the publisher’s website.

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