Global P.E.AC.E. Foundation Literature and Humanities Prize

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KAMEEL AHMADY has been the recipient of several regional and international nominations and awards during his years of work and research activities.  Some of these awards are as follows:

Global P.E.AC.E. Foundation Literature and Humanities Prize

This award is presented annually to the world’s top researchers in the fields of education, political science, law, medicine and health, literature and the humanities, the press, and the arts, and it was the award for the Literature and Humanities which was presented in 2018 at a ceremony at George Washington University, Washington DC, for a Collection of research, studies and books

The World Global Woman Peace Foundation is an organisation that has been studying and lobbying to eradicar female genital mutilation, especially amongst US immigrants, since 1981, It has had extensive field relations with Africa in humanitarian activities for many years. This foundation also conducts scientific and research projects with different universities.

Kameel Ahmady was the first Iranian British scholar to receive this award, in competition with selected candidates from Egypt, England, Kenya, due to his research and publications in the field harmful traditional practices (HTP), female genital mutilation, gender, children, and minorities.








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