My statement in regard with the Guardian report that was not published in full:

The emergence of these unfounded allegations now and at the time of my being investigated, tried, and convicted for the matters in Iran relating to my work, were and are always intended to damage the greater good of what I was and will do in advancement of the causes that I was keen to research, highlight and properly investigate.

Since my escape from Iran, rival individuals and groups have been brought to bear upon me with the sole intention of destroying me, my research, as well as my professional and personal standing.

The press is now being manipulated by them and those afraid of them, and those seeking to displace me as a scholar in my field.

These accusations started during last summer and 48 hours before my court hearing are deliberate slander and baseless, but also very well and deliberately organized, at both a state and personal level.

I do not only accept these accusations and unreservedly condemn them.

These accusations have never been legally cross-examined. In fact name of some women with and their involvement were brought up during interrogations. Such accusations have been created systematically, both at this time and in Iran, with a completely purposeful and doubtless competitive motive to damage me and of my research. The allegations surfaced in a feminist Instagram page known to publish fake stories, forced to apologise and removing them later.

I am saddened that some people have used their gender and even themselves as tools to weaken my scholarly research and personal position and deliberately create obstacles in my life in order to eliminate and silence my voice in their desire to gain power and change the narrative in their favour.

While I take full responsibility for my actions, it must be said that the need to highlight and eliminate the suffering of others has been my life’s work person and remains my goal and my sole desire.

At an appropriate time and within a proper context I would be entirely happy to sit down and address every issue and allegation within the broader context of the Iranian situation in what must be a fair and open-minded way.

Kameel Ahmady