Politicizing the demand – White Marriage in Iran

ازدواج سفید در ایران

White Marriage in Iran , Although the protests against the compulsory hijab in Iran have been politicized, this has not demoralized women activists, some observers say.

Instead, they claim, it has emboldened them to be more vocal with their demands. “It is the Islamic Republic which has made the hijab an important issue. They have been so obsessed with women’s hair and bodies that they have spent millions of dollars to create state organs to control women’s dressing, said Tohidi.

In this way, a basic civil right has been misconstrued as a political demand, making it easy for the government to accuse women activists of political motivations. “The mandatory hijab is the Achilles heel of the Iranian regime, Tohidi stressed.

Those who have been fighting for women’s civil rights for decades have been accused of Westernization and having political motivations. Even if the current protests remain as campaigns, it will evolve into other forms later, Ahmady said.

It depends on how the actors involved are going to interact with each other.

It depends on international support and the visibility these protests achieve. The higher the visibility, the more women will be encouraged to become involved,” Tohidi noted.

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