Temporary and Child Marriages in Iran and Afghanistan

Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Issues

Book chapter on child marriage in Iran by: Kameel Ahmady

Editors: Behnaz Hosseini

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-33-4469-3

Publisher Name: Springer, Singapore

Temporary and Child Marriages in Iran and Afghanistan

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This book discusses the popularity of temporary and child marriages in Iran and Afghanistan and explores their historical background and the reasons why they still persist today.

Further, it offers readers insights into the emotional and psychological violence that the women who have been subjected to these practices experience. The respective contributions address the persistence of these traditions, their ramifications for the wellbeing of women and the development of societies and human relations. Taken together, they offer an excellent academic tool for students, academics and researchers studying the anthropology and sociology of kinship, and family in the Middle East.

Book Chapter Temporary and Child Marriages in Iran and Afghanistan Article The Role of Temporary Marriage TM in Promoting Early Child MarriageECM in Iran pages 47

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