DIRECTOR: Kameel Ahmady


ıÜüAccording to director’s recent research “in the name of tradition” up to date 30% girls are still circumcised in some parts of Iran. This film will explore this phenomenon by directly talking to locals, parents, clergy men, Doctors and people who do this practice for living.

The film which is first of its kind to be made on this issue in Iran and will follow a young female student life’s over two weeks who recently found out from her mother that she also has been circumcised. She decides to write her university thesis on this issue; she also prints out leaflets and information papers to hand out in streets and homes where she speaks to people to raise awareness among locals. In a gathering between number of girls and boys some of the boys will support this practice and believe this will control women’s sexual appetite and it’s good for the society. They also believe in wearing hajab and strongly support on dress code for girls and role Islam in the society.

In two other interviews you will hear from two young women, one of them work in NHT (family planning) who have been circumcised and in favour of this practice and does not believe it will decrease women’s sexual drive in any ways also says its prophet Mohammed’s tradition and must be done. The other young woman who is a head teacher and hasn’t still been circumcised wants to circumcise herself soon, she believe cosmetically this will give her vagina a better look. You would also hear advice from local doctors calling the public to stop this tradition. the film will end when a top clergyman from a mosque will encourage mothers and fathers to do this to their new born girls and reassure the public it’s not only doesn’t harm them and will not have negative affect in their sexual drive but it will increase the pleasure of sex between men and women.

Title: in the name of tradtion
Duration: Hours: Minutes: Seconds: 34 min

Date completed: 11/11/2007 (A new version in Frasi was edited on 2015)

Preview format: DVD/ MP4

Screening format: 35 mm 8mm (16/9)
Original language of film: Kurdish (Sorani)

Play Here:  (go to media page/films)


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